Steven Friedman

Research Professor in the Humanities Faculty of the University Of Johannesburg

He is a political scientist who has specialised in the study of democracy. He researched and wrote widely on the South African transition to democracy both before and after the elections of 1994 and has, over the past decade, largely written on the relationship between democracy on the one hand, and social inequality and economic growth on the other. In particular, he has stressed the role of the citizen’s voice in strengthening democracy and promoting equality. He is the author of Building Tomorrow Today, a study of the South African Trade Union movement and the implications of its growth for democracy. He is also the editor of The Long Journey and The Small Miracle (with Doreen Atkinson), which presented the outcome of two research projects on the South African transition. His current work focuses on the theory and practice of democracy and his study of South African radical thought, Race, Class and Power: Harold Wolpe and the Radical Critique of Apartheid was published in 2015. He writes a weekly column in Business Day on current political and economic developments.